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Get singing again!

So many of us have been worried about singing in school the past 18 months. There is evidence to show that singing has no higher risk in schools than any other lesson, as long as the room is well-ventilated, and you follow a few simple steps. Singing a song in class is considered no greater risk than a class discussion or general hubbub of daily chatter. (see Music Mark's Music Unlocked singing guidance links)

Hampshire Music Service is encouraging all schools to ‘GET SINGING AGAIN’. It is not only a great musical activity, but it supports cross-curricular learning, lowers anxiety, lowers heart rate, encourages community, and promotes well-being. We can support you in a variety of ways and are happy to discuss any questions you might have

We are currently offering significant reductions on out vocal workshops. For just £20, you can have an hour with one of our leading vocal tutors who will come and work with a class, choir, singing assembly, or support you to ‘GET SINGING AGAIN’. We are also happy to come and work with staff and boost their skills in delivering a positive singing experience

For more information, please get in contact with me at, and ‘GET SINGING AGAIN’


Nicola Duncombe

Specialist coordinator – Vocal and events

PS Keep your eyes peeled for information on future events, such as the fabulous Barnaby Bear for KS1, My Voice; Our Song, the singing for wellbeing for KS2, and large scale events for choirs across all settings and ages

Link(s) to Music Mark Vocal Guidance:

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