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Time to book your provision for September 2021!

Updated: May 17, 2021

It’s that time of year again when we collect information from schools about what HMS provision they will need for next academic year. If you would like us to provide anything for your pupils from our comprehensive range of musical opportunities, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re now collecting information electronically and the links to provision request forms are below.

Instrumental and vocal tuition

The benefits of learning to play an instrument or to sing are wide ranging. Music develops both sides of the brain simultaneously; it supports learning in other curriculum areas and motivates all pupils to Participate, Enjoy and Achieve. The range of instruments taught includes all orchestral and band instruments, guitar, ukulele, piano, keyboard, percussion and recorders. Vocal teaching, by specialist vocal teachers, is also offered to all schools. Our instrumental and vocal tuition is delivered through individual or group lessons from instrumental specialists. Instrumental and vocal tuition is priced at £42.30 per hour for 2021/22. Instrumental and vocal tuition booking form. To be returned by Friday 7 May please.

In preparation for the new academic year, our teachers would usually be "drumming up trade" (excuse the pun!) by doing demonstrations in assemblies and showing off the instruments and the pupils who play them in concerts for parents, younger classes and perhaps other schools, with pupils transitioning from KS1 to 2 and KS2 to 3. As we may not have this opportunity again this year, our staff have prepared a video for each instrument family and voice. Each video is around six minutes long and shows off the instruments/voice, how they work, what sort of music they play etc. Links for these videos are at the bottom of this email.


Listen2Me is the popular first access, whole class, music programme designed to meet government requirements as laid down in the National Plan for Music Education. Hampshire Music Service is passionate about music education and we believe this highly regarded music provision continues to offer the best way to give all children the opportunity to experience playing up to three musical instruments.

Schools can choose up to three instruments during the academic year, one per term. Our teachers will help your pupils to develop their musical repertoire, skills, expertise and social development and encourage them to continue with music lessons after the programme has finished. Listen2Me is priced at £1340 per class per year (1 hour, of which 45 minutes is contact time), for classes held in the morning, £1500 for classes held in the afternoon. Listen2Me booking form. Information to be received by Friday 1 April for Listen2Me

Class tuition

Subject to availability HMS can provide suitably qualified and experienced primary class teachers to work alongside teachers and/or teaching assistants in schools. They will work on a regular basis with single classes, engaging pupils in practical music-making to ensure progression and continuity in the National Curriculum. They will work within the school’s own scheme of work, liaising closely with the music manager. All class teaching is priced at £42.30 per hour for 2021/22. Class teaching booking form. To be returned by Friday 7 May please.

Advice on managing instrumental tuition

Attached is some advice for managing the cost of provision through charging parents. With sufficient pupils learning there should be no need for schools to subsidise the cost, unless you wish to do this. A member of our Senior Leadership Team is available to have a conversation as an extra support should a member of your school team wish to talk through your specific details. Please call us on 023 8065 2307.

Why use HMS for your provision?

  • HMS is committed to working closely with schools and colleges to provide a comprehensive music education service, as well as a wide range of additional music-making opportunities beyond the school day.

  • As the lead partner for the Hampshire Music Education Hub, you can be assured that our services meet Government targets on the range and quality of music education and are in line with national developments and policies.

  • We undertake regular evaluations and review our services using feedback from headteachers from all phases of education.

  • Our staff are appointed following interview and audition, and are subject to medical and enhanced Disclosure and Barring Service clearance.

  • Our staff have access to a wide range of training opportunities, resources and support and are also closely monitored through our performance review process.

  • We will provide an annual school-based report on each instrumental/vocal pupil, reflecting statutory requirements.

Special request

Last year we had some difficulties in completing timetables within a reasonable period so please could we ask you to make every effort to return your requests to us by Friday 7 May. In this way we can let you know the details of timetabling well within the summer term, so that you can then plan school commitments around this. With over 180 teachers it does take a while!

If you have any general enquiries about HMS provision please call us on 023 8065 2037 and a member of our team will be happy to help.


1. Woodwind:

2. Brass:

3. Strings:

4. Piano/keyboard:

5. Percussion:

6. Guitar:

7. Voice:

Hampshire Music Services SLA-2020
Download PDF • 429KB

HMS provision 21-22 class teaching guide
Download • 73KB

Inst provision HMS info for parents
Download PDF • 71KB

Inst provision Advice for managing instr
Download • 138KB

Inst Provision 21-22 primary charge shee
Download • 43KB

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