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Update to the HMS risk assessment

Read the latest "Risk Assessment for HMS work in schools" which was recently updated in April and again in May 2021. Please note section 2 in particular "children/whole class" which was updated in May in line with the latest DfE and Music Mark guidance with regard to singing, wind and brass playing. A number of direct quotes from both the DfE and Music Mark are included for your convenience.

Risk Assessments for HMS work in schools
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The main message is that we can sing in class bubbles, and we don't have to be in the hall or outside!

Further Music Mark advice for a singing lesson includes the following: - limit the singing session to 40 minutes - ensure good ventilation (doors and windows open to increase airflow) - have all pupils facing the same way - with some social distancing as the space allows - sing at a reduced volume - do not insist on musical theatre levels of diction Also: “If [you are] singing one song as part of another lesson then just do it” From Singing – Spring 2021 Music Mark

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