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Updated units for Curriculum Musical Maps

We have just updated some of the units for our free scheme of work called Curriculum Musical Maps:

On the Beach - YR The Weather - YR As cold as Ice - Y1

Man on the Moon - Y2

Reading Rhythms - Y4

Read Write and Remember to Twinkle - Y5

The updated versions can now be found in the usual place (the Curriculum Musical Maps section on the Resources page) - download these to ensure you are using the most accessible versions

Tell us what you think

We would love to have some feedback about this resource. Please could you spare us a moment to send us your thoughts so we can be sure to respond to your needs as we continue to develop this further. Please email to share your thinking e.g.

How often are you using it?

How easy is it to use?

Has it had an impact on how music is taught in your classrooms?

Has it had an impact on the musical development of your students?

How could we improve this resource in the future?

Anything else?

Thank you for your help

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