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Woodcroft Primary's Musical Christmas Story

Christmas Music at Woodcroft

At Woodcroft Primary School, we develop children’s aspirations by offering a range of unique experiences and opportunities. This week we have had two musical experiences which have interested and inspired our children to think about what it may be like to be a musician.

We were very privileged to have a visit from The Band of His Majesty’s Royal Marines Collingwood who performed some popular Christmas songs to the whole school. The children learnt about the different instruments that they played and how they sound. Great fun was had by all and the band encouraged everyone to clap along, sing and dance! A Year 1 pupil explained that they would tell their mum and dad how much fun the band were! A Year 6 pupil commented, “We learnt about the different instruments that they played. I know what a euphonium is now. It looked a bit hard but really fun to play it.

Earlier in the week, Woodcroft’s newly formed choir performed to a large crowd of family, friends and customers at ASDA in Waterlooville. The choir consisted of fifteen pupils from Year 2 to 6 and this was another experience that included a range of musical skills: listen and recall, collaborative working, rehearsals and performance. We received high praise from the customers who said that we raised their spirits with our Christmas cheer!

In the new term, we will continue to explore ways in which music can have a positive impact on

our children.

Laura Sherwell and Kirsty Hawkins

Thank you so much to Laura and Kirsty for sharing their exciting Christmas events with us. We love to share success stories!

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